the last frontier…

this is the end of the road.
the last frontier.
all will be balanced.
you were drawn here to begin realizing that all this exists within you.
the mountains.
the ocean.
the sky.
the peace.
the quiet.
the joy.
the love.
it’s all within you.
but you will only be able to feel it as much as you permit yourself to feel.
the more beautiful your within, the more beautiful your outside appears.
see the world as paradise by seeing your within as heaven.
that’s all it is.
God’s blessings are with you.
so blessed are all of us.
that we are truly one.

1 thought on “the last frontier…

  1. I was thinking as I read this about how the message has always been there for us in many, many ways, we just never grasped it. Such as the old saying “As with in so with out” “as above so below”. So many quotes when taken in context with what is happening today take on a whole new meaning. We are blessed Anil, especially to be here now to witness this all!!! Lucky us no matter how hard it is at times….Blessings to you Anil and love to your family…..VK

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