pure magic…

this is it.
your finest lifetime.
rock on.
hold on to all that’s good.
let everything else go.
nothing’s more important than that.
& the world transforms into the most magical place.
the most magical experience.
to experience everything.
all is good.
feel liberated.
know all is done.
all is one.
oh what a feeling.
coursing through you.
it’s magic.
nothing less.
to stay aware of your within.
even when you are in the illusion.
try it.
it works.
there’s nothing but peace & love.
nothing but comfort for the soul.
pure magic.
pure union.
pure oneness…

4 thoughts on “pure magic…

  1. Love is magic, too bad it took us all so long to figure it out, but better late than never. It is all about choice and the choice is ours. Go for it! Blessings Anil….. VK 🙂

  2. This posting was pure Magic!.. To love and find that completness and Unity within.. We can each choose to experience that Magic, We just need to open ourselves up to its wonderful Magic.. And Let it BE.. and BEcome that BEing we were meant to BE.. Just to BE… is Magic.. as we breathe in that life’s breath..
    Many thanks Anil for this post! Love to you and yours~ Sue xx

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