everything is in order…

i can see the warmth & love spreading within you.
& around you.
the journey is smooth now.
it may have a few twists & turns still.
but the road ahead is easy.
the path is clear.
all is good.
as it should be.
you are blessed.
you are loved.
you are taken care of.
everything is in order.

7 thoughts on “everything is in order…

  1. Greetings Anil…Good to see you back. It appears everything is in order, We are still rumbling along down the road headed towards our dreams. At this point in time I think our most important task is to keep our intentions and dreams focused ahead of us, not beside us or behind us! Hope your last half of the trip was wonderful. Blessings…. VK

    • VK – good to be back 🙂 – was great talking to you while I was there. would love to stay in touch & maybe hook up when we get back to the east coast or if you ever make it here (of course the astral route is always open!!). looking forward to immersing myself on all the lovely posts i’ve missed over the past month…lots of love, as usual – ahaan, armaan, aarti & anil

    • deborah – it’s good to be back. we had a wonderful trip – alaska was the highlight!!! haven’t been to a prettier place. the raw beauty was just breathtaking. puts everything into perspective. lots of love always 🙂

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