step back (repost)…

the past is gone.
let the still waters of your present guide you.
all is as it should be.
if you want it to be.
what had to be done is done.
it’s a dream.
step back.
with pure objectivity.
then you will be unattached.
and unaffected.


flow away…

flow away.
to God.
find the meandering path or the straight path.
it doesn’t matter.
they all lead home.
we are all blessed.
keep the faith.
all is well.
all is perfect.
we are one.
we are all merged.
the elements, nature, our souls.
nothing but an extension of each other.
see God in everything.
see yourself in everything too.
because it is so.
there is no difference at all.
perceptions are the differentiators.
wipe them clean.
with knowledge.
with your pure heart.
clean the perceptions & see the union.
flow away.
to God…

ocean of love (repost)…

peace be unto you & all of mankind.
peace be the rule, not the exception.
let go all things.
the past.
the future.
all of it.
it doesn’t exist.
why worry about it?
why dwell on it?
after every moment, erase it from your memory.
only retain the learning.
that’s why you had the experience.
for the learning.
see it for what it is.
it’s great to see how you’re living your life now.
it’s close to complete surrender.
it shows your trust in God.
it shows your trust in your within.
you are beginning to trust your within more & more.
leaving things to the divinity that is your within.
that’s where all are one.
that’s where you create from.
it’s God’s voice.
it’s your own voice.
that’s guiding you.
you don’t need anything else.
that you are loved.
held in high esteem.
be truly glad to see the leaps you are making.
blossoming into your true self.
keep this awareness alive.
at all times.
do not get lulled into complacency.
God is always a thought away.
keep seeing the big picture.
God’s love flows for you like the river.
it’s guiding you to the ocean of love.
the ocean of love.
that is your true consciousness.
the vastness.
the serenity.
the immense power of this ocean.
is the power you already possess within.
recognize the distance you have already covered.
& see the journey ahead.
the path is clear.
to be the ocean of love.
to be God.
to be your SELF…

the big I…

how full of love are you?
how full of compassion?
you are God’s own children.
one among the privileged few to whom all this is open.
to whom truths are being revealed.
in a manner that is so easy to understand.
take this opportunity.
take this gift & spread it.
for the good of all.
for the betterment of all.
we are all one at the end of the day.
there is no you & me.
there is no him & her.
it’s just I.
the big I.
we are all from Him, of Him.
understand that.
there is no place for differences, however petty or grave.
no place at all.
just room for peace.
& love.
& happiness.
& togetherness.
this is your life now.
this is your life forever.
with Him.
as one…

your road (repost)…

your road to God is through you.
understand that.
you have to be you before you can be God.
live your life.
then you become God.
in union.
for all time to come.
but, do all this in the knowledge that you & God exist as one.
never apart.
always in each others’ hearts.

love, love & more love (repost)…

there’s an unending reservoir of love.
in each one of us.
the trick is to make all aware of it.
to make all aware of the potential.
the internal dam of love.
let it burst.
let the force of the water, the love, wash away, engulf everything & everyone in its path.
my love.
your love.
our love.
all love.
& nothing else.
it’s the way to God.
it’s the way to all.

our destination…

we are all hurtling towards our destination.
some quicker than others.
but all undeniably reaching the same destination.
have no worries.
we’ll all be one when we are meant to.
live in the knowledge that we already are.
on so many levels.
one consciousness.
slowly spawning unconditional love.
to make our journey easier…