yet as one (repost)…

i live on.
so do you.
in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same heartbeat.
we share the same source.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

always united.
never apart.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we breathe the same air.
still we don’t.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same space.
yet not the same dimension.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same experiences.
though our perceptions may differ.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same love.
unconditional and true.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

your time had come.
mine will too.
we live on in different ways.
but yet always as one.

4 thoughts on “yet as one (repost)…

  1. Congrats on your nomination for the inspiring blog award! I saw Steph’s announcement and i thought i would visit you as i have heard much about you! Your poetry is beautiful…may God continue to use your gift to touch the lives of others bring a radiant light into their world.

  2. Hello Friends and Fellow-bloggers,
    For the past month a group of you have been extending your friendship hand by reading my posts and sharing your thoughts, nominating me for the VBA & THE LINK TO LINK AWARD, INSPIRATIONAL AWARD, COMMENTATOR AND SUNSHINE AWARDS, each a tribute and beautiful sweet honors gratuitously sent my way. Each are wholeheartedly accepted and acknowledged in this post despite my inability to post each photo of each of these marvelous awards.
    Unfortunately, I’ve yet to master how to work with all these settings and technical availabilities, nevertheless, I still wanted to write down the nominees I wish to extend these same AWARDS to EACH of the magnificent and gifted writers, photographers, poets, musicians, artists and bearers of the light. Each one have souls that burn with the greatest gifts~ FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY. Each one use their senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell to their maximum use then bring these into unique affinities that shine through in their own beautiful way and methods.
    A person in my physical condition with severe limitations and usually bedridden in my parents home, your blogs allow me to travel, hear new viewpoints, see unbelievable sights, cry with your joys and pains, discover things I never thought I’d like since I’ve been somewhat secluded but never naive. Your blogs are new and beautiful paths strewn with rich colors of understanding, insight, passions and, creating a more “well-rounded soul (something my younger sister always said I lacked).
    HERE ARE THE NOMINEE’S & Give these with sincere admiration and friendship and deep gratitude for your kindness and time which you allott me throughout your week. Bless each one of you in all your endeavors and personal desires to reaching your dreams. You have my support.
    My following post will be my sharing 10 things about Myself ~if you’re interested..
    All the Winds of the World
    On the Search of Inspiration
    Truth Behind Reality
    Stephanie lostupabove
    Poet Art
    Walter doege
    Blaze Danielle
    Author Thelma Cunningham
    Cyril Cliffette
    A Rhythm Runs Through It
    The Silver Poet
    ClownPonders Corey Booth
    Greg Frucci
    Todd Beal
    In my opinion

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