you should be amazed at the composure you are showing.
trusting that all will turn out for the best.
you are actually surrendering to the universe.
it’s rare to see that.
this life is just getting better & better all the time.
there will be a time when this becomes second nature.
that is when you can say that you are truly in surrender.
truly giving yourself to the universe.
what a way to be!
in the illusion, yet out of it at the same moment.
this is the space where all will unfold before you.
all the wonderful secrets of your within will come tumbling out to the fore.
you will see your being the way it is meant to be.
you will see why you are where you are.
and where you need to get.
all is ok.
always remember that.
everything is turning out the way it should.
His love is always with you.
your love should be with all.
this my dears, is what your next goal is.
one & all.
knowing that He’ll keep loving you.

5 thoughts on “bravo…

  1. I like the new twist in your delivery A and A….That is the beauty of challenges. So many people try to avoid them yet challenge is where you can practice your surrender. Challenge is so feared by many but it is truly such a gift in so many ways. Surrender is the ultimate! Thanks Anil….VK

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