the calmness within…

the calmness within is bound to grow.
to an extent that you are on an even keel throughout.
that’s the stage that beckons.
it’s within your grasp.
open your eyes to it.
open your heart to it.
there’s been a lot of hard work that’s been put in.
the fruits now beckon.
take the opportunities to go beyond.
feel your love.
and pass it along.
spread it whenever you get the chance.
to whoever comes in front of you.
such is the power of your love – it will completely set you free.
for eternity…

5 thoughts on “the calmness within…

  1. I think the calmness Anil is our guideline for whether we are on the correct path or not. If you are staying centered in your heart and being love the calmness is automatic. Get frazzled and you know you fallen off track and need to get back on….Thanks for your and A’s thoughts…. VK 🙂

  2. For me~ I couldn’t share or soe LOVE if I concerned myself where they fell and if they grew because I am primarily responsible to LOVE and that has it’s own reward. Perhaps I’m too idealistic.

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