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This nomination comes from mysterygirrl  First off – thank you so much, Madhvi. As usual, all credit for this goes to Ahaan, who’s sitting up there guiding his parents & brother through this life. Oh, what a fantastic life you’re giving us Ahaan. Thank you so much Ahaan.

mysterygirrl is a new blog I’ve been following & it resonates with a lot that we say & believe in. Just one thing, Madhvi – I don’t feel that I’m inspiring at all. We’re just living our lives the way Ahaan always lived it. Smiling. We also don’t believe that we’ve been through a bad phase – it’s just a different phase. Ahaan is & always be with us through thick & thin. And we draw inspiration from him – he’s the one deserving of this award. Thank you Madhvi, once again for this 🙂

Now onto the mandatories:

Now, as the rules for this award say, you have to pick 7 bloggers that are truly inspiring to you. Once you have listed them, tell a little about how they have inspired you.

Once you have done that, next thing you have to do is to tell your readers 7 things about yourself that probably would not come up in one of your blog entries.

angelamarie – who has been sent into our lives to make it more beautiful.

sirenia – who continually amazes, uplifts & inspires with her beautiful verse

steph – who is a constant in our lives, always putting out wonderful words & music to inspire

caroline – who is someone I am very grateful to have in our lives & who, through simple words, manages to instill such positivity in us.

i have a voice – for the sheer determination & inspiration that her writing always brings to the fore

afkear – who’s blog I eagerly wait to read because it holds a treasure of insight & inspiration

mysterygirrl – who, in a short span of a few days, has inspired with her words as well

To all mentioned above & to all not mentioned – we owe you a lot for all the love you guys have given us, for all the support you guys have extended to us & for just being yourselves. Please continue to be that way…

Now, I’ve to tell 7 things about me that I wouldn’t put up in my blog.Don’t really know if this is of anyone’s interest, but here goes…

1. I believe that God is in each of us & each of us is in God

2. I love music

3. I love life

4. I love to laugh

5.  I love everyone

6. I believe that good is all around – soemtimes we’re just toooo blind to see it

7. I believe that we are in each other’s lives for a reason & that’s a great thing

Keep smiling guys – life is to short to fret, fume, worry, chew your nails, or whatever you do when you’re not happy 🙂


7 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award…

  1. My sister I’m completely stunned! I just don’t know what to say except Thank you for your generous and loving kindness ~ you must know it is mutual. You’re my #1 blog. God be your constant light,

  2. Hello Anil,

    How are you ? How is your family ?

    THANK YOU for your kind nomination. I am so happy I came around your wonderful blog.
    You have no idea how much your words, Ahaan’s words up-lift me, make me feel good.
    I have the “gift” to feel souls who went back home. I love to communicate with your son. I do when I read his words, through his words.

    So, this is why I am happy to have come across your blog. I had to. I learn to trust myself more and more each day.

    I feel how all of us are connected, all these wonderful persons, writing, loving and reaching out for each other. Danke.

    I will now read what I have to do, chose other blogs… How lovely. It is not about the nomination or about winning it, it is really about feeling that we can all trust ourselves.

    It is just this WOW moment we can live each day, if we let it happen.

    Thank you and your family.

    Much love from cloudy Austria,

  3. Congratulations and thank you Anil for this nomintion. I’ve been on holiday and I just returned that’s why I couldn’t react earlier. Love, Steph xxx

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