you are protected…

every word you say.
every thought you have.
every action of yours
is orchestrated.
and is for a reason.
don’t doubt yourself.
be yourself.
go with the flow.
think not.
dwell not.
on what you say or do.
just move on.
just remain open & receptive.
trust that the right people will be in your lives.
and that the wrong ones will be removed.
this is not to say that anyone is good or bad.
just right or wrong for you.
you are protected.
looked after.
by God.
there is no need to worry.
and go about your merry way.
leave the rest to Him.
you are very special.
stay happy.
laugh a lot.
and love even more…

5 thoughts on “you are protected…

  1. Thank you Anil…Great words of healing and yes, we must never doubt ourselves, ever, especially now as we transition into 5D!!! We are almost there, no doubting at this late date! VK

  2. great thoughts. From last few days i am facing a bad phase. i have been struck in choosing between two things i love the most. your words have made mt mind feel so calm right now! Thanks!

  3. Anil this is wonderfully inspiring. and I have trusted all my life as to who comes into and who leaves my pathway.. I think each and everyone even those whom we term as bad experiences have also been placed there for us to be enriched from.. I know from personal experience we can not often find the good straight away from a negative experience or having someone who causes our lives dismay.. It is only when we later look back we see how those experiences shaped our lives making them all the richer for having had them.
    I know within my being that ALL things and every one come to us for a purpose.. And I trust in the process of this wonderful Divine plan..
    Thank you Anil for sharing such wonderful insights again with us.. Blessings to you and yours

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