you are God (part 18)…

it’s all good.
everything that is happening now.
all that has happened.
and all that’s too happen.
trust it is happening for a reason.
and at some point, the reason will always be made apparent.
trust in it.
trust in yourself.
you are where you are, because it’s the best place for you to be at this moment.
everything that happens is a step forward.
every experience brings you a step closer to your ultimate goal.
knowing that you are infinite.
knowing that you are just the soul.
knowing that you have absolutely NO limits.
knowing that you are all powerful.
knowing that you are your own creator & the creator of all around you.
you & only you have done this for yourself.
with complete knowledge.
with a clear understanding of the truth.
you don’t ever need to doubt yourself.
you don’t ever need to be hard on yourself.
you are what you are.
and what you are is God.
that’s the ultimate truth.
you are God…

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4 thoughts on “you are God (part 18)…

  1. Soooo gooood to read this. So true and just perfect timing. Synchronicity Rocks !
    Thank You.
    Sunny Greetings and much Love from Salzburg,

  2. Hey Good Morning my Friend….Spring love and hugs to the three of you! Thank you for these truthful words that resonate so deeply…We are getting there Anil, I feel we have inched yet a little bit closer to the grand moment! We’ll make it and when we do we shall explode into such a beautiful world and everyone will see who they really are. It will be marvelous!!! VK 🙂

  3. In psalms we are told God made us “a little lower than the angels” but the greek translation comes nearer to aramaic word to “a little lower than the elohims.” (the gods) I know the potential and seed of godhood lies in each one of us. You’re a blooming embryo Anil, of all that is beautiful and holy. Faithfully your friend Deborah

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