your light…

go where your heart takes you.
go with the flow.
it will lead you to one place & one place alone.
to the dam of love that exists within you.
to the universal power you possess.
to the divinity of your being.
it’s so easy to recognize this in others,
once you have recognized it within yourself.
this is the lifetime that will make all the difference.
it has come with infinite possibilities.
with limitless potential.
recognize this
and make the most of it.
make others see how splendid life can be & is.
what a gift it is.
what joy & happiness exist in everyone.
no matter how trying the circumstances.
your peace & happiness are yours to lose.
not for another to take away.
remember you are at peace NOW.
and this very moment is eternity itself.
understand that.
we are love.
we are one.
we are all there is.
and all that will ever be.
one consciousness.
see yourself in everyone.
how can you judge then?
how can you not love then?
your love is light.
the purest of the pure.
always shining.
if there is darkness around, it’s because your light is being blocked.
not because your light has ceased.
remove the darkness.
smile through this lifetime.
and pass your smile around.
with deep, unconditional, love.
that is your light…

3 thoughts on “your light…

  1. This has brought tears to my eyes because its exactly words I whispered to my youngest sister who passed away 4 yrs ago; she left me and my middle sister with one tear trickling down her beautiful cat-like eyes. BEAUTIFUL sentiments Anil, you humble ME! God has a very special mansion for you xo
    your faithful friend

    • you are truly a very, very special soul, Deborah. I’m sure your sister is completely at peace. And you are blessed. And I think we need to share the mansion that God has for us – together – after all, there really are no differences between any of us, are there? Be well, & lots of love to you always….once again – thank you for your beautifully touching words & for being a part of our lives…

  2. Greetings friend…As I was reading I was thinking what one word would describe it all that people could understand? Nothing new, It always comes back to LOVE! Love is the motivator of all that is good, but how do we teach people how to love? That is the big question for me….Blessings to you all. Hope all is beautiful and filled with hope….VK 🙂

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