journey on the path…

journey on the path.
continue down this road.
it’s to Him that you’re headed.
everything is blissful.
everything is perfect.
‘coz you are perfect.
this is the way to Him.
to oneness.
be yourself always.
it’s so good to see.
it’s so good to live life like this.
to feel like this.
there’s so much love awaiting you.
so much.
the treasures are infinite.
as are you.
be ready to accept.
be prepared to receive.
all the love.
all the light.
all the laughter.
it already exists in your life.

6 thoughts on “journey on the path…

    • thank you so much deborah :). have been out of town the past 4-5 days & haven’t been able to read any posts. sure looking forward to doing that over the next few days…am sure there’s a treasure of words awaiting me in my inbox :)…God bless & lots of love always…

  1. Wonderful Anil!! Hopefully we are headed down the road to ourselves! That we can finally understand we are God and it is through the power and love of who we are we can finally reconnect with ourselves….Blessings…VK

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