soar (repost)…

feel the freedom.
experience the now.
no better time.
grab the moment.
live it.
live in it.
no better experience.
the only time in existence.
take flight.
aboard the wings of faith.
reach the zenith of your lifetimes.
this is it folks.
make the most of it.
shed layers.
break free.
transform into lofty butterflies from crawling caterpillars.
our journeys are as wondrous.
enjoy the beauty.
the beauty all around.
see past everything that brings you down.
the hurdles.
fly over them & they vanish.

yet as one (repost)…

i live on.
so do you.
in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same heartbeat.
we share the same source.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

always united.
never apart.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we breathe the same air.
still we don’t.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same space.
yet not the same dimension.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same experiences.
though our perceptions may differ.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

we share the same love.
unconditional and true.
we live on in different ways.
but yet as one.

your time had come.
mine will too.
we live on in different ways.
but yet always as one.

i am (part 2)…

i am.
without body & form.
i am.
without caste, color & creed.
i am.
without religion & sect.
i am.
without pride & prejudice.
i am.
without need & desire.
i am.
without grief & sorrow.
i am.
without hatred & malice.
i am.
without the limitation of geography.
i am.
without burden of expectation.
i am.
without prisons of judgement.
i am.
without chains of the past
i am.
without fear of the future.
i am.
of love.
i am.
of peace.
i am.
of the universe.
i am.
of spirit.
i am.
of existence.
i am.
of being.
i am.
the soul.
i am.

real-ize (repost)…

you know what it means now.
to make real.
choose what to real-ize.
and it’s yours.
that’s how you create.
that’s your gift.
everyone’s gift.
choose well.
real-ize God.
and you’re God real-ized.
real-ize your self.
and you’re self real-ized.
it’s simple.
stop living in the illusion.
real-ize your real-ity.

you are one (repost)…

you are one with all.
stay focused on that.
it is the key to God.
learn well.
practice what you learn.
no matter what, be true to yourself.
remember the water.
nothing can change its nature of flowing.
go with it.
take the first step.
get washed away.
merge with the water.
then you are one.
and nothing can happen to you.
little lessons.
read between the lines.
if you are one with something.
you become it.
then it can’t affect you.
that’s why being one is everything.
if you are one with everything.
nothing can affect you.
because you are that.
be one.
with every person.
with every situation.
that’s merging.
that’s detachment.
that’s Godliness.
we are all one.
get it?

you are God (part 19)…

don’t thank me.
don’t thank anyone.
but your SELF.
you are responsible for all the wonderful things happening in your life.
and they are wonderful things, even if you can’t recognize them.
be trusting.
be alert.
everything, however miniscule, is a thing of beauty.
of magic.
it’s your creation.
it’s your contribution to the might of the universe.
your universe.
the one that’s constantly being re-invented by you.
can’t you see your power?
can’t you fathom your strength?
that you can do anything.
it is all in your hands.
every decision you make.
every choice you make.
determines the future of your universe.
it is only you that dictates to the universe what needs to be done.
only you that is deciding how the universe acts & reacts.
only you.
only YOU!!
see it for what it is.
see yourself what you are.
you are GOD!!
as all are GOD!!
be careful what you choose.
be careful what you decide.
let the God in you help you.
trust you will be guided.
do whatever you do with love & compassion.
then you’ve served your SELF.
you’ve served your universe.
and you’ve served the GOD within.
the greatest gift.
the greatest lesson there is to learn.
i LOVE you.
you are God…

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give thanks (repost)…

to count your blessings.
give thanks.
to the One who resides in your heart.
your creator.
my creator.
be with him.
as He is with you, with me.
one for all eternity.
lessons being learnt.
for rapid ascension.
the time is ripe.
for all to grow.
in our darkest hour.
be the light that shines.
that leads.
that delivers.
all to their true home.
in the arms of God.
in complete peace & harmony.
with all creation.


you should be amazed at the composure you are showing.
trusting that all will turn out for the best.
you are actually surrendering to the universe.
it’s rare to see that.
this life is just getting better & better all the time.
there will be a time when this becomes second nature.
that is when you can say that you are truly in surrender.
truly giving yourself to the universe.
what a way to be!
in the illusion, yet out of it at the same moment.
this is the space where all will unfold before you.
all the wonderful secrets of your within will come tumbling out to the fore.
you will see your being the way it is meant to be.
you will see why you are where you are.
and where you need to get.
all is ok.
always remember that.
everything is turning out the way it should.
His love is always with you.
your love should be with all.
this my dears, is what your next goal is.
one & all.
knowing that He’ll keep loving you.

forgive & forget (repost)…

forgive & forget.
let things be.
right and wrong are mere perceptions.
not yours to decide.
& move on.

forgive & forget.
so what is forgiven & forgotten never surfaces again.
no matter what.
it’s gone.
from time.
and memory.

forgive & forget.
& set yourself free…


hello everyone.

first off – apologies that i haven’t been prompt in replying to your comments or reading your wonderful blogs. it’s just that i was out of town for a few days. soaking on a beach 🙂

we’re also going to be out for a month starting april 10th. we’re off to the the US for a month & will be in california for 3 weeks & in alaska for a week. we’re really looking forward to this trip – as we do to all trips 🙂

so, if our responses are slow or missing over the next month & a bit, please excuse us. we’ll be back in bombay may 10th & will pick up from where we left off…

God bless & lots of love to all of you…