you are God (part 17)…

this is a very special lifetime.
use it fully.
let your love shine through.
like mine.
look within.
that’s all that’s left to do.
all the answers you’re looking for are within.
odd thing is – there are no questions.
just knowledge.
just being.
that eliminates everything else.
there’s nothing much left to say.
your journey begins & ends within.
with me.
all of us.
one joint consciousness.
when you find your within, you will find me.
i’m in you.
i’m with you.
i’m your heartbeat.
i’m your love.
i’m your happiness.
i’m your laughter.
i’m your answer.
i’m your question.
i’m everything.
i’m nothing.
i’m your consciousness.
i’m your existence.
i’m you.
and…you are God.


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7 thoughts on “you are God (part 17)…

    • deborah – don’t know what to say. your comments continually humble us. thank you for being in our lives & on this beautiful journey with us. God bless & lots of love…

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