it’s all ok…(repost)

it’s all ok.
the time & place.
everything is playing out.
incidents happen.
because they’re meant to.
nothing is good or bad.
it just is.
accept it as necessary.
for evolution.Edit
like steps leading you higher.
don’t look at steps already climbed.
they’re gone.
look ahead.
to steps that still need to be climbed.
prepare for them.
some will be easy, some hard.
but all necessary.
close your eyes.
and take the leap of faith.
each step will fade away.
till you’re standing with God.
your journey culminating in ultimate union.
home at last.

4 thoughts on “it’s all ok…(repost)

  1. I have found that when we struggle and climb once we reach the top we can look back and see how far we have travelled and this I think helps us to see that no matter how hard the climb the view is well worth the effort… 🙂

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