perceptions 1

you are me.
as i am you.
all the same.
are there any differences?
except the ones we perceive because of our limited understanding?

start accepting that the differences don’t exist.
except in the mind.
remember all is good.
nothing bad can happen.
because nothing bad exists.
again – it’s only perceptions.
lift the veil of perceptions and everything is limitless.
the way it’s meant to be.
for each ONE of us.

perceptions 2

our differences lie in perceptions.
you perceive something or some situation a certain way.
I perceive it another way.
but the thing or situation is the same.
that’s how the truth is the same.
for all.
our perceptions make it appear different.
how can there be more than one truth?
the same creator.
the same source.
the same world.
the same environment.
the same everything.
where’s the room for differences?
it’s only in our perception.

perceptions 3

think about it.
how can God’s world be anything less than perfect?
start perceiving this perfection.
and you’ll realize the perfection of your SELF.
‘coz only perfection can perceive perfection.

4 thoughts on “perceptions…(repost)

  1. What can I say, Anil?
    I have read it over and over again and the words that keeps swirling in my mind is – Exellent my friend!!!

    ~ Sirenia ~

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