love incarnate…

all is good.
because of your love.
trust in it always.
keep smiling.
& know that you are blessed.
with love.
only good can happen.
only good will happen.
how can it not?
when you have love.
stay in the now.
let your love flow.
to all.
the only thing worthwhile in this world is your love.
something that is so abundantly present within you.
use this for the betterment of all.
you know how much the world is yearning for love.
your love.
you are blessed to have so much of it.
love is the only answer.
you are love itself.
you are love incarnate.

4 thoughts on “love incarnate…

  1. Love is incarnate.. we are that spark.. some brighter than others but all that spark .. We are all sparks of the Divine.. This is very powerfull felt Anil.. and if more would embrace that side of their nature we would flow into our tomorrows in so much joy …
    Beautiful write.. ~Sue

  2. Oh Anil…We waste so much time as children in our prison schools being brainwashed. All we need to teach them and teach ourselves is how to love! Nothing more is needed. If we all could learn how to love the problems of the world would disappear. I sure hope we get there.

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