be within…

this is the way to Him.
this beautiful path you’re on,
it only appears as a path.
but in reality, it is an exercise of not going anywhere – but within.
your world exists within.
the outside is an illusion.
to play with your senses.
to distract.
to falsely convince.
the test is to go within, in spite of the external.
that’s it.
stay in longer each day.
then the outside will become irrelevant.
you’ll have the ability to straddle both.
content in the knowledge, in the truth, that you really are who you are within.
where you are all & all is you.
that is the JOURNEY.
that is the TRUTH.
be within.
with Him…

8 thoughts on “be within…

    • i am truly humbled by your comment. i am a bit at a loss for words right now…what we write is what our son, Ahaan, puts in our hearts. we are just instruments that he is using – we truly believe that. he’s changed our lives around in his passing & is so much closer to us in so many beautiful ways. it’s a wonderful life that we’re living – filled with love & kind souls like yourself. thank you once again for your words…God bless you & lots of love always…

      • Your sweet child is where he needs to be to fulfill his progress and reach us thru you… remember that light cleaves to light, truth clings to truth, knowledge to knowledge and LOVE binds us to love — thank you for sharing your sacred feelings in words. God keep you friend xo

  1. So many of us Anil look outside of ourselves for that fulfilment of self.. When WE are the journey of discovering our True Selves.. So good to come over here within your peaceful words on your blog, and know that many are now understanding that which is TRUTH along their Journey.. Blessings sent your way to you and Yours ~Sue

  2. Anil….
    This reminds me of a saying by Carl Jung:
    “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
    Who looks outside, dreams.
    Who looks inside, awakens!”
    So true Anil. Thanks for these words from your heart. May you all have a glorious weekend full of love and happiness….VK 🙂

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