10 thoughts on “i’ve got the power…

  1. “I`ve got the power
    Pure quality I possess
    something very fresh
    when my voice speaks
    loud through the rest”

    I hope you don`t mind i write this here, Anil. This is – as far as I can remember though – some of the lyrics to Snap`s song “I got the power” .

    Is this a photo of your muse, Anil? I love the energy the photo radiates 🙂

    All the best

    ~ Sirenia ~

    • hey sirenia – this is Ahaan. he’s holding our hands & taking on this wonderful journey that our lives have become. he’s the one who deserves all the awards for the words i just allow him to write through me :)…i love him!! thanks for all your wonderful, wonderful comments, sirenia – i still have to get down to accepting your generous award :), but i will do it probably later today or tomorrow…

      • I am very glad I got to see Ahaan, the source of your words 😀 And I feel your love for him, the uncoditional love 🙂
        Regarding the award – take your time, no rush! 😀

      • yep there he is – in living colour :)…and yes, it’s complete unconditional love!! we’re so happy that he’s doing OK. nothing else matters to us – he keeps the words going :). God bless…
        love, anil

  2. What an incredible picture of Ahaan….He is magnificent! I am so thankful he gave you the strength and direction to get beyond the sadness and grief and help change the world! You all amaze me so much. If we can travel anywhere Anil once we make this shift perhaps you can somehow become energy in motion that can mix with his and you can see one another again. It would be so wonderful. Bless you all and hang in there, we’ll be in 5D soon 🙂 VK

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