the ride…

the world is going to slow down for you.
no more running.
no dashing around.
get on & off it as you please.
this means that you have the ability to be ‘in’ the world & ‘out’ of it as you choose.
by out of it, i mean being in tune with your within.
being one with all around.
not even recognizing a bit of difference, because it truly doesn’t exist.
there is no difference in your existence & the existence of a rock.
both are your creation.
borne from the same source.
this is the oneness you’ve been striving for.
this is the oneness you’re on the verge of recognizing.
sit back & look at everything with the same eye.
every colour, though it appears different, is yet only a colour.
every flower, though it smells different, is yet only a flower.
every creature, no matter the shape, colour or form, is yet only a creature.
all from one source.
your within.
how then can you not see oneness?
how then can you even discern an iota of difference?
you are there – at the very tip of the iceberg.
there is so much depth you have to look forward to.
the journey on which all will be revealed as you go deeper within.
every layer, every mask stripped & shredded.
each lie exposed.
each truth discovered.
enjoy the ride into your within.
it’s the only ride worth being on.
go deeper.
in the realization of your self.
of your within.
of who you really are.

4 thoughts on “the ride…

  1. I’ve got my ticket and I’m all packed….I want to make sure to get a window seat!!! Thanks Anil, I do so love your words of depth and understanding…..VK

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