the tide is turning…

the tide is turning.
all that’s good is going to come tumbling into your lives.
everything you need is provided for.
be ready to receive.
work towards the ultimate grace.
towards your ultimate goal.
that to be merged with all creation.
to be ALL at the same moment.
to feel the exhilaration of freedom.
of true oneness.
like you’ve never experienced before.
it’s coming.
brace yourself.
it’ll hit you with the sweet fury of an all-engulfing storm.
& you’ll never be the same again.
the light is yours.
enlightenment is yours.
be open to receive.
the time is close now.
to be home in spirit & heart.
as one.
in absolute union.

2 thoughts on “the tide is turning…

  1. Morning Anil…You make a great point right out of the gate! Be ready to receive! That is one thing I think many people have trouble doing and it is something we need to think deeply about and prepare ourselves for. There will soon be an incoming rush of prosperity but are we ready. Receiving is not always easy. Who would think one would have to prepare for getting freedom and prosperity, but we do! We need to learn how to open our hearts and embrace what we are going to next. You see animals who have been caged their whole lives suddenly have their cage doors opened and they are afraid to come out. We must be prepared to be gentle with ourselves when the time comes and find the courage and reassurance to step out of our cages…Good one!
    Blessings to all…..VK

  2. Hi Anil, what a great and uplifting post.. Yes the tide is turning and I am so happy to be part of the Wave.. Smiling here as this post makes my own heart swell.. as I feel your love and joy.. Hugs to you and yours xxx Sue

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