the story continues…

the story continues.
life goes on.
but are you living?
are you being all you can be?
for yourself & all around.
this is what it’s all about.
you are here with a purpose.
for the growth of your soul.
to a heightened state where you are one with all.
because that is the only reality.
the only union.
use these wonderful experiences as learnings.
imbibe them into your day to day lives.
it’s not enough to just ‘know’.
you have to put it into play.
you have to live your life fully.
do what is required.
be what you must be.
fully aware that the sun shines for you.
that birds sing for your pleasure.
that night falls so you may rest.
all that’s around you is for you.
grab this opportunity.
start today.
it’s the first day of the rest of your life.
live your knowledge.
let go pettiness.
all worldly things are petty,
when you realize the worth of your SELF.
when you realize the power of your soul.
when you realize how hard you have worked to find yourself where you do.
don’t waste this effort.
pick yourself up.
dust yourself down.
& journey on.
to where you need to be.
merged with God.
merged with all.

4 thoughts on “the story continues…

  1. Amen…Amen….Amen…..So right in every way! We don’t see things for what they truly are!! We see night as the end to a day not a gift of darkness to rest ourselves by. In essence I guess we all need to see all of life as a gift in every moment of our lives for that is what it truly is! Thanks!

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