forgive & forget…(re-post)

forgive & forget.
let things be.
right and wrong are mere perceptions.
not yours to decide.
& move on.

forgive & forget.
so what is forgiven & forgotten never surfaces again.
no matter what.
it’s gone.
from time.
and memory.

forgive & forget.
& set yourself free…

3 thoughts on “forgive & forget…(re-post)

    • travel light is right, eric…we have too much bottled up inside that doesn’t get a chance to get out once & for all…time for some serious internal spring cleaning!! God bless & lots of love…anil

  1. Forgive I agree but there must also be Justice for those deserving of it. They must be forgiven by us for we have walked in their shoes once and obviously we were forgiven but I think we need a certain amount of remembering lest we fall into old ways again and never learn our lessons. I could very well be wrong Anil. If I am please correct me on this..Thanks…VK

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