be in tune…

everything is in balance.
all the elements.
all creation.
held together by your belief system.
everything shifts as per your beliefs.
so keep your belief strong.
as it is right now.
it’s holding all creation together.
the stronger you are, the more balanced everything around you is.
understand this.
your external world depends on your internal beliefs.
the day the order is reversed, is the first day of all your troubles.
the external cannot be the driver of the internal.
that’s the route to chaos.
step back.
breathe deep.
& understand that all around you is your creation.
it will behave the way you want it to.
it is your manifestation.
all of it.
the so called good & bad.
be in tune with your within.
& manifest what benefits your soul & the souls of others.
selflessly love.
selflessly serve.
that is your greatest goal.
be in tune with your within,
& you’re in tune with God…

3 thoughts on “be in tune…

  1. Great one Anil ! I truly don’t believe we would be where we are today if those carrying the light had not be strong in their beliefs and convictions. They have never stopped believing in something better, never stopped loving and never stopped caring for others in the world. As more awaken and the light grows stronger I think it will be time for the original light bearers to turn their light upon themselves and allow themselves to take quick respites so they can re-energize. Like the parent on a plane who learns they must take the oxygen first then their child in an emergency so they can tend to the child, we too must take the oxygen and regain strength to keep things held together. We must remember to be in tune with ourselves…Thanks for this one. Very good and so right! Blessings…VK

  2. This is lovely Anil.. so true.. As we think so we create and We need now to be strong in our faith of love and light.. As we send out our thoughts of healing and compassion and care and kindness,. Never as now do we need to stand in unity of thought and bring our world into that vibration of love and Harmony again..
    ~Peace to you my sister..

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