a million candles…

the depth of your understanding is suddenly becoming apparent.
all your lessons are learnt.
what a lovely way to be.
what a lovely way to live.
this is indeed your time to shine.
to spread your gifts to the remotest corners,
not yet touched by light & love.
be that someone who will make a difference.
be the bearer of smiles.
the transferor of light.
the conduit that turns night into day.
you are truly a special soul.
live it up.
you deserve it.
He is waiting for you to come home.
but until then, a million souls to touch.
a million candles to light…

12 thoughts on “a million candles…

  1. Best we remember it only takes one candle to light all the others! May we all scurry off and be like fireflies igniting the darkness. Good one Anil! So glad I always have my morning stop here at your house as a way to set my day. Thanks guys. You are one in a million!!! VK πŸ™‚

  2. “…Really wish we could all light a million candles…we’d chase the darkness out of peoples’ lives…”

    Truly this is spoken. We can all start with one and let the glow show the way to more…you have lit so many, my friend πŸ™‚

    • eric, you are too kind :)…i really, really wish we could all light the candles…i see so much unnecessary pain around me…life’s not like that – it’s a celebration that’s to be enjoyed, lived to the fullest. there are too many who dwell on the negative – but i guess we’ve all been there in some lifetime, so we have no right to judge – just help :)…God bless & love always, my friend…

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