all you’ve created…

ready to take off?
buckle up.
settle in.
sit back.
it’s time to soar.
unshackle your minds.
break the barriers.
of sound.
of light.
of consciousness.
see yourself as free.
of all.
see yourself as existence.
the one & only.
the creator.
the decider.
you & you alone have brought wondrous things into your life.
you & you alone can take them away.
your choice entirely.
what do you choose?
make your choices wisely.
because they affect all of creation.
your creation.
with ripple effects that extend outward.
be all you can be.
all that’s good.
all that helps humanity.
think big.
think oneness.
think of all you’ve created…

3 thoughts on “all you’ve created…

  1. I’m trying Anil….It’s the wait that is doing me in!! I’m buckled in tight and wide open and ready and waiting….Like watching the sand drip through the hour glass one grain at a time. Makes you want to shake it to go faster but we must be patient! VK 🙂

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