your thoughts…

let your thoughts meander.
flow aimlessly.
see where they come to rest.
when they run out of steam.
find your peace.
in that state of thoughtlessness.
in the joy of just being.
ever so slowly.
you began your journey.
trudged along.
on this wonderful path.
that unfolded treasures at every turn.
blinding brightness greeted you at every stop.
opened your eyes to the glorious vastness of your within.
your steps are quicker now.
so close you are.
so very close.
a bit more.
& all is done.
you have to just remember to be true to your heart.
your journey is winding down.
like your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “your thoughts…

  1. One word stuck out to me Anil, still in my Haiku mode I guess. It was LEAP! Yes, that is what we are all doing now, leaping about the universe trying on new ways of being before we make the voyage. Leap away my friend and breathe in the goodness of life. Blessings to you all…VK 🙂

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