atoms, cells & molecules…

all is beautiful.
the sun.
the moon.
the stars.
all of nature dances in divine unity.
you are part of this unity.
this oneness.
dance with complete abandon.
celebrate existence.
the permanency of existence.
the fact that there is no life & no death.
just “is” & “am” forever.
see the beauty in the smallest things.
the atoms.
the cells.
the molecules.
all are part of something bigger.
that’s how we are.
the atoms, cells & molecules of existence.
all coming together to make a whole.
one complete.
this is how all is to be perceived.
this is how we are all incomplete without each other.
i complete you.
just as you complete me.
all of us together.
in “complete” harmony.
as one.
see the beauty of this oneness.
like a jigsaw.
pieces fitting together.
atoms, cells & molecules…

5 thoughts on “atoms, cells & molecules…

  1. Greetings Anil….Things are getting dicey now and destructive. Must mean the end is getting near for us to finally become one cell, one atom, one molecule and one heart! We shall get there, weary and worn out perhaps, but we will get there none the less!!! Blessings..VK šŸ™‚

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