you are God (part 17)…

this is a very special lifetime.
use it fully.
let your love shine through.
like mine.
look within.
that’s all that’s left to do.
all the answers you’re looking for are within.
odd thing is – there are no questions.
just knowledge.
just being.
that eliminates everything else.
there’s nothing much left to say.
your journey begins & ends within.
with me.
all of us.
one joint consciousness.
when you find your within, you will find me.
i’m in you.
i’m with you.
i’m your heartbeat.
i’m your love.
i’m your happiness.
i’m your laughter.
i’m your answer.
i’m your question.
i’m everything.
i’m nothing.
i’m your consciousness.
i’m your existence.
i’m you.
and…you are God.


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it’s all ok…(repost)

it’s all ok.
the time & place.
everything is playing out.
incidents happen.
because they’re meant to.
nothing is good or bad.
it just is.
accept it as necessary.
for evolution.Edit
like steps leading you higher.
don’t look at steps already climbed.
they’re gone.
look ahead.
to steps that still need to be climbed.
prepare for them.
some will be easy, some hard.
but all necessary.
close your eyes.
and take the leap of faith.
each step will fade away.
till you’re standing with God.
your journey culminating in ultimate union.
home at last.

in your silence…(repost)

listen to the silence.
listen to the peace.
that resides within.
it speaks.
it speaks.
God’s language.
it will guide.
it will heal.
it will lead.
it will help others.
listen to the silence inside.
it is pure.
it is your SELF.
waiting to be heard.
flowering words.
spoken to all.
spoken through you.
it waits.
to be set free.
to cover all the earth.
your silence.
speaks louder than you think.
let it out.
let it run free.
it will find a way.
to reach whom it’s supposed to.
your silence.
is God’s word.
hear it carefully.
it is for you & me.
together as one.
unspoken words.
but powerful thoughts.
planted by a loving gardener.
for you to reap.
for you to spread.
for you to lovingly tend.
let God’s words merge with your silence.
all powerful.
all knowing.
all ONE.
as we truly are.
listen to the silence.
let it grow.
let it bloom.
it’s yours.
these words are your silence.
escaping from your heart.
our words.
our thoughts.
that we’ve created together.
planted together.
over lifetimes.
the time to release is NOW.
like this.
let the world hear.
your silence.
let your silence spawn God’s words.
may these words reach out.
to show all.
that we are one.
all together.
all silent.
listening to the same heart.
listening to the ONE.
your inner voice.
my inner voice.
not spoken.
not said.
shine on.
your time has come to rise.
listen to your heart.
listen carefully.
in between the thoughts that flow.
resides the message.
seek it.
find it.
live it.
God is with you always.
in your silence…

peel the worlds away…

everything is within you.
all of this world.
the next.
& the next.
it’s all within.
each world is peeled away the deeper you go within.
go ahead.
peel these worlds away.
strip off every single layer.
till you discover your own consciousness.
in its natural state of being.
just being.
your consciousness does NOTHING.
it just is.
with no want.
with no desire.
with no goal.
just existence.
in its truest form.
knowing it can create.
knowing it has rediscovered itself.
are you ready to take that trip?
that long journey.
you are at the threshold.
the first step.
to the true realization of your own divinity.
the rest of the journey, though long, is but a step away.
a thought, a simple thought, away.
are you ready?
this is your time to go within.
where you are.
just are.
nothing else.
you are, we all are existence.
manifest in different forms.
forms that we need to overcome.
to see ourselves.
to find ourselves.
to discover that once we find ourselves, we find all.
the oneness of elements.
of life.
of God.
see you on the inside.
where you & i are one…


with the the flow.
wherever it may take you.
into a new dawn of consciousness.
into a new world.
filled with love.
and joy.
and bliss.
on a journey that only a few are privileged to be on.
make the most of this lifetime.
it could be your last.
and be the unlimited consciousness that you already are.
and when that’s done, you’ll realize that we are one.
all of us.
wherever life leads you.
and without fear.
make this time the best ever.
it is.
because you are blessed…

meet we will…(repost)

always in motion.
leading me to you.
every moment that passes.
makes me a moment closer to you.
and meet we will.
no matter what.
in a way that will be unbelievable.
a shining example.
of faith & love.
of bonds & belief.
there for the world to see.
and emulate.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award…

Hi guys. This is long overdue. We were nominated, a while ago, for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by two of our favourites – Steph & Sirenia.

As usual, it’s tough to explain how we feel. Of course we are elated that our words are being read – but not because they’re ours – rather, because they’re Ahaan’s. We believe that he is guiding us home. To him. Showing us how beautiful life really is. How simple we can make it. How it is entirely our choice to rise above the mundane & the external world. How we ALL are blessed with untold treasures within. And, lastly, how we are all ONE – the same.

Steph’s blog & Sirenia’s blog are wonderful sources of inspiration to us. The words are always rich, and evoke amazing emotions within us. We are blessed to have them in our lives – as we are to have all of you in our lives. Thank you all so very much for the love…

God bless you all…

We’d further like to nominate the following blogs (who have richly deserved nominations before as well):

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And, that’s not to say that all others on our blog don’t belong on this list – you all know who you are. We wouldn’t be here if not for you…thanks, once again…God bless


perceptions 1

you are me.
as i am you.
all the same.
are there any differences?
except the ones we perceive because of our limited understanding?

start accepting that the differences don’t exist.
except in the mind.
remember all is good.
nothing bad can happen.
because nothing bad exists.
again – it’s only perceptions.
lift the veil of perceptions and everything is limitless.
the way it’s meant to be.
for each ONE of us.

perceptions 2

our differences lie in perceptions.
you perceive something or some situation a certain way.
I perceive it another way.
but the thing or situation is the same.
that’s how the truth is the same.
for all.
our perceptions make it appear different.
how can there be more than one truth?
the same creator.
the same source.
the same world.
the same environment.
the same everything.
where’s the room for differences?
it’s only in our perception.

perceptions 3

think about it.
how can God’s world be anything less than perfect?
start perceiving this perfection.
and you’ll realize the perfection of your SELF.
‘coz only perfection can perceive perfection.

love incarnate…

all is good.
because of your love.
trust in it always.
keep smiling.
& know that you are blessed.
with love.
only good can happen.
only good will happen.
how can it not?
when you have love.
stay in the now.
let your love flow.
to all.
the only thing worthwhile in this world is your love.
something that is so abundantly present within you.
use this for the betterment of all.
you know how much the world is yearning for love.
your love.
you are blessed to have so much of it.
love is the only answer.
you are love itself.
you are love incarnate.

be within…

this is the way to Him.
this beautiful path you’re on,
it only appears as a path.
but in reality, it is an exercise of not going anywhere – but within.
your world exists within.
the outside is an illusion.
to play with your senses.
to distract.
to falsely convince.
the test is to go within, in spite of the external.
that’s it.
stay in longer each day.
then the outside will become irrelevant.
you’ll have the ability to straddle both.
content in the knowledge, in the truth, that you really are who you are within.
where you are all & all is you.
that is the JOURNEY.
that is the TRUTH.
be within.
with Him…