this very moment…

all that’s done & dusted has no room in your life.
get rid of it.
it’s over.
don’t carry it as baggage.
look ahead if you want.
but live only in the now.
make the most of this very moment.
before it escapes you.
this very moment is all you ever have.
it’s fleeting, so it’s up to you to do what you must.
don’t put off things that need to get done.
you may not be around tomorrow to do them.
tell the people you love, “i love you” now.
they may not be around tomorrow.
understand the value of each precious moment that you let slip away.
this is your greatest folly.
this is your greatest waste.
you have a treasure on our hands.
why wait to enjoy it?
“i’ll do it tomorrow”.
“i’ll save for a rainy day”.
“i’ll wait for a better time”.
the only day is today.
the only time is now.
there’s lots you need to do.
do it now.
opportunities abound every moment.
take them before they slip away.
please do what you must NOW.
this very moment…

5 thoughts on “this very moment…

  1. We must get beyond having to lose something to understand its importance in life! It is so important to begin to appreciate life in all of its great splendor right as it is unfolding….VK

    • absolutely. every moment is a celebration. and we have to look for reasons to laugh rather than lament. life is unfolding before our eyes in all it’s divine splendor. let it in :). God bless & lots of love…

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