self love…

we’re inching our way back Home.
to our eternal oneness.
this is the way to be.
love is breaking through from our within.
seeping outward.
making its way to the outside.
it’s only this love that is real.
unfortunately there are many who don’t feel real love.
especially for themselves.
they’re always hoping they were someone else.
that they had this or they had that.
little realizing that what they have is all they need.
that what they have is what they’ve chosen.
for a reason.
wanting to be another, is wasting this lifetime.
what a shame.
once people realize this & start loving themselves,
this world is going to transform into the most wondrous place.
where love abounds.
like it does at Home.
where people see oneness, eternal oneness amongst themselves.
oh, what a beautiful world.
our world is slowly gravitating towards this utopia.
only love can hasten this process.
especially, self love.
when all see themselves as the perfect image of God that they truly are.
each of us.
combining to make the ONE complete soul.
remember, God is no further away from you than your within.
open that & you’ll be staring at Him.
in all His glory.
in all Your glory.
as one.
love yourself as you love Him.

2 thoughts on “self love…

  1. We are getting there Anil, little by little, one person at a time, then four, then twelve…It is picking up speed and hopefully people will accidentally stumble through your door here and have their lives changed for the better. That is all it takes, having your light turned by someone or something and pow! Thanks for this post dear friend…Best to you all….VK 🙂

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