ahaan – the star of the show…


the beautiful me…
– by ahaan raheja

i am so unique
i believe in myself and everyone else
i am kind and loving to others
and help all my friends like my brothers
truthfulness is my strength
faith in God is my foundation


i don’t know what else to say…ahaan has captured everything in these lines. where does he get it from? such depth of thinking, such beauty in expression.

why can’t we all see ourselves for what we are? ‘unique’.

we’re caught in the endless race to be someone we’re really not. our lives, to a large extent, are dictated by what others will think of us. why?

if we can spend a little time each day connecting with our self, we’ll find a hundred wonderful things about ourselves – things that we’re not even aware of, perhaps. we’ve all been given gifts – i know it sounds cliched but the fact remains that we’re all God’s children – do you give one of your children more or less than the other? can you truly tell one of children you love him or her more or less than the other. you can’t!! it’s the same for God.

Ahaan has captured it so beautifully:
i believe in myself & others – no distinctions.
faith in God is my foundation – realize this & you’re eternally happy – in the arms of your loving parent…

9 thoughts on “ahaan – the star of the show…

  1. Anil, this is precious beyond words. It reminds me of the Bible verse, Matthew 18:4: “Whoever becomes like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” If we could all live with the purity, love, truthfulness, and faithfulness of children – in this same spirit shown by Ahaan, what a world this would become. What a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings of peace & love always, Angela

    • don’t know what to say Angela. thank you for your wonderful words. Ahaan is guiding us & leading us to him. we just know it. we can feel the change in our lives each day. we are literally going with the flow. we do what we must – unattached to the result. it’s such a liberating way to live life. we can laugh freely. and we’ve opened up our hearts to all. it truly has been one amazing ride. i wouldn’t trade it for anything. what Ahaan has given us is priceless. what Armaan is giving us is as priceless. we could not have asked more than we have been given. to top it all off, we have the most wonderful people in the world, like you, in our lives. we feel content & blessed.
      the joy that our lives have been filled with, the love that has been poured into hearts is overwhelming. and, it’s come from all corners. friends, family, strangers, you name it. such is God’s grace.
      God bless & lots of love always, Angela…

  2. The Master speaks truth! Good to see the smile again. Anil, Ahaan has it so right on because he is gifted with insight way before his time. He is a very old soul and he embraces life with his ability to ‘know’…He is a teacher for the world and is waiting for all of his students to get to 5D so we can continue our studies face to face. It won’t be long now. Thank you for sharing his beauty again Anil. Blessings to you….VK:)

  3. This sounds like one of my favorite Sufi’s wise saying or perhaps his mirror image the poet Rumi. Touching words, with such depth of ones soul.
    Peace be with you always.

    • thank you afkear. strange as it may sound, we’re really living the way ahaan has shown us. he was/is always my idol & now i get to ‘follow’ his ways. we believe that he’s guiding us at every step – always taking care of his bro, mom & dad…
      i’ve never really read anything by Rumi, except what you’ve posted, & i totally loved that. I’ll make sure to read some more. I really love your blog. thanks for everything. God bless & love always…

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