inevitable union…

the journey continues.
marching towards the goal.
the inevitable union of our souls.
of our spirit.
the magic of oneness.
the truth of eternal consciousness.
we are in a position to make a difference.
for all of mankind.
we together.
as one.
can achieve anything & everything.
our energies are reaching out.
truly united are we going to be.
once & for all.
one energy.
one light.
shining bright.
for all to see & emulate.
a rise in global consciousness.
a departure from the old.
all is good.
like you’ve never lived before.
like you’ve never laughed before.
like you love God.

8 thoughts on “inevitable union…

  1. That pretty well sums up the whole enchilada Anil….That IS the journey we are on. From all my sources we are soon to experience major change. In what capacity I do not know as the dark ones can be evil. Check out these 3 articles and tell me the shift is not changing reality going on! The U.S, loved its evil contractors like Blackwater that would do all their dirty work for them. Now they don’t want them All these about faces is because of something going on behind the scenes….Have a good one Anil…..VK:)

  2. Anil, I so love this.. I can feel your energy over the airwaves as you have put your words together.. You understand this Union and this Oneness of Spirit so well.. and I feel your glad heart as I feel your smile..Each of us are marching onwards towards that goal, even those who are not understanding of their journey are also adding to it. step by step..
    Those like yourself truly see the beauty of all and you and yours who have come through so much now understand ALL of us are One..
    We are seeing it unfold before our very eyes every day we are stepping closer to that time when All is perfect..
    Laughing with you my dear Anil… for we are all of us eternal beams of Light.. Hugs to you xx ~Sue xx

    • i agree Sue. All I can say is that Ahaan is the one leading us. We are having the most magical experiences. It’s like he never left at all. We are blessed, but even more than that, we are humbled by all that’s happening. And yes, we are all marching on. And on. Together!! God bless & lots of love always…

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