the culmination…

this is it.
the culmination.
of all you’ve ever strived for.
lay forth your spirit.
to the dam that’s about to burst.
you are this divine force.
you are all.
there’s no doubt.
your time to shine is here.
you are the light.
in the storm of the darkness that rages.
you are the last straw that all are clinging to.
you have this great responsibility.
do all you must.
be all you must.
transform this world into the world you want it to be.
you are the creator.
what do you want to see?
ask yourself.
then make it happen.
whatever you like shall be done.
do it.
expectant eyes are beseeching you.
do it.

5 thoughts on “the culmination…

  1. Momentum is gaining rapidly Anil….Maybe you will see me as I fly by you when we shift:) The thrill of it all is mounting as well..So THANKFUL we are alive right now. Enjoy it!!!! VK

  2. I really, really like this poem. I’m going to print this out and put it next to my computer at work. I hope this will help inspire me to stay on task, focus on my goals, and achieve the things I’m capable of, with the most important goal being happiness. 🙂

    • Thank you Roybert. We are humbled by some of the reactions our posts garner. Funny thing is we take no credit for them. It’s stuff that comes pouring out in a moment of openness. That’s all it is. Be well. Be inspired by your SELF. God bless & love always 🙂

  3. Hi Anil, sorry for not getting around to visit for a while.. Love this post.. We are the ones that We’ve been waiting for and we will spread the light in the sea of darkness Anil.. Your own light shines so very bright with all your love you pour forth upon your pages its oozes from every word..
    We are winning.. we are making it happen.. As we Think so shall we create.. Keep adding your thoughts to the creators mix.. and ‘His will be done’ ~ Love and Blessings Anil and to all your beautiful family.. Sue Dreamwalker xx

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