our journeys… (repost)

Our journeys may be entwined
But we must walk our paths alone still
Coz we each have a course to chart
And an empty well to fill

And until our vessels are full of love
And judgement sits not at our feet
We shall continue to wander in the dark
Unable to find our destined seat.

5 thoughts on “our journeys… (repost)

  1. Hi Anil! This reminds me of a poem a friend gave to me, by Tagori, in Gitanjali (Song Offerings):

    “You have made me endless, such is your pleasure.
    This frail vessel you empty again and again,
    And fill it ever with fresh life.

    This little flute of a reed you have carried
    Over hills and dales, and have breathed
    Through it melodies eternally new.

    At the immortal touch of your hands
    My heart loses its limits in joy and
    Gives birth to utterance ineffable.

    Your infinite gifts come to me on my small hands.
    Ages pass, and still you pour,
    And still there is room to fill…”

    Blessings, my friend! Have a beautiful day!


    • funny thing is, the book you’ve mentioned “Gitanjali” by Rabindranath Tagore, is a book my mom had won for being 1st in class. She’d given it to me when I was a kid. Still haven’t read it. I guess it’s time to dig it out & read. Just hope I can find it 🙂
      Thank you Angela. God bless & love always…

  2. True, true words Anil….Let us each work hard to fill up and be prepared for the ride of a life
    time. Blessings…. VK 🙂

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