you are God (part 13)…

all this is but a dream.
live it up.
treat it as a dream.
don’t get too involved.
when things get too intense or unbearable,
step back & see the illusion for what it is.
you are divine.
nothing can touch you.
these are mere experiences on your own chosen path.
to realize your own divinity.
put everything in the right perspective.
nothing exists but you.
so why feel low or mournful or sad?
there is no need.
tap your inner resources.
they are filled with bliss.
they are brimming with laughter.
they are secure in the knowledge that all is as it should be.
this physical realm, by nature, is transient.
you, by nature, are eternal.
so why worry?
why weep?
when all is not what it seems.
wake up from you dream.
open your eyes for the very first time.
acknowledge your own divinity.
& that of all as one.
that is what you need to achieve.
right here.
right now.
believe this to be the truth.
not because someone is telling,
but because you innately know this.
your inner voice screams this all day.
let it seep through your conscious mind.
you are God…

4 thoughts on “you are God (part 13)…

  1. We should have been born with ears on the inside I think….People can’t seem to hear. That is in part because we spend so little time in silence therefore we cannot hear…Good time to learn how to meditate or at least spend an hour walking out in nature…Good one Anil. Thank you….VK

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