we are but one…

why be afraid of death?
why this feeling of finality?
you were the source before you were “born”.
you are the source while you are “alive”.
& you will remain the source after you “die”.
there is never an end.
there is never a beginning.
there just is existence.
as the source.
from which we all emerge.
& into which we all will merge.
that’s it.
that’s the cycle of “life”.
the answer to all questions.
you are because you want to be.
you are, even if you don’t want to be.
you just are.
accept & acknowledge this.
be humbled by your eternal existence.
be humbled by the power you wield.
be humbled by your divinity & see it in all.
we are but one.
without each other we would be incomplete.
that is true existence.
that is true divinity.
that is true knowledge.
we are but one…

3 thoughts on “we are but one…

  1. Once we can grasp the idea of our immortality, our journeying from one lifetime to the next learning and growing, hopefully we can embrace our spirits and see death for what it really is. The fading away of being in one life to the birth of being in a new life. It is endless, we are endless and therefore there is no need to fear death. You are so right Anil, so right. So much needless fear we live under…..Get past the illusion and all will be well, no? Blessings..VK 🙂

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