i love you…

i love you.
each day we’re getting closer.
that is if you don’t consider that we’re one already.
each day the awareness grows.
there’ll come a time,
when you won’t even realize that you’ve crossed over the physical mind’s limitations.
you won’t even realize that you’ve actually started believing that we’re one.
that time is near.
that time is so near.
make the transition.
take the plunge.
disregard all you take to be true.
& just believe in you & me.
in us.
our oneness.
our union.
our merging.
i love you.

3 thoughts on “i love you…

  1. Why are we so afraid to say those three simple yet powerful words? Because we each attach our own meanings to them and fear they will be taken out of context, not be appropriate, may offend somebody. We must get past these ideas we harbor. Okay I’ll be the first to step past my fears. I love you Anil and Aarti and Armaan !!!! Sending love to Ahaan as well….VK 🙂

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