on your own…

you will guide yourself to God.
on your own.
each of our journeys is separate.
yet they all culminate at the same spot.
the roads are many.
the destination only one.
remember that.
don’t worry if you go astray.
don’t worry if you get lost.
there is no other road except the one you’re on.
it may have a few more twists & turns.
but rest assured it ends with God.
all is as it should be.
believe that your roads are winding down.
all twists & turns are done.
it’s a straight road ahead now.
keep your hands on the wheel & guide yourselves home.
to God.

4 thoughts on “on your own…

  1. So glad this road is essentially all there is and we know where we are headed. If we fall off, it makes it easier to find it again. I think the last couple of miles are straight now and well lit up. No mistaking where we are now! Thanks for your words….VK 🙂

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