Liebster Blog Award…

We are humbled at receiving a nomination for the Liebster Blog Award from Stephanie. Thanks, Steph for this. All you guys are our “blogily” & thank you all for being in our lives. You have enriched our lives beyond words can describe. We love you all & feel truly blessed & you guys are our “dearest” & “beloved” – our liebsters!!

God bless…& keep sharing the wonderful words & love for all.

Here are a few of the blogs that we’d like to nominate ahead.

12 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award…

  1. Oh, I see, you’ve tagged me too. Thank you so much. Good choices you’ve made, Sounds a bit like boasting but I’m talking about the other ones I know.
    Steph xxx

  2. Congratulations Anil! Thank you for nominating my blog. I am humbled and honored. I give our Heavenly Father all the praise and glory for the inspiration He instills within me. I pray we can continue this journey together. Blessings my friend, Lynda

  3. Anil, thank you so much for this award I am sorry I am only just getting around to honouring them.. Working on a post right now and tracing back.. Hope you and your family have been fine.. I have been rather busy with work recently so havent had much PC time.. so Hope to catch up very Soon.. love to you all…… Sue xx

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