in your silence… (re-post)

listen to the silence.
listen to the peace.
that resides within.
it speaks.
it speaks.
God’s language.
it will guide.
it will heal.
it will lead.
it will help others.
listen to the silence inside.
it is pure.
it is your SELF.
waiting to be heard.
flowering words.
spoken to all.
spoken through you.
it waits.
to be set free.
to cover all the earth.
your silence.
speaks louder than you think.
let it out.
let it run free.
it will find a way.
to reach whom it’s supposed to.
your silence.
is God’s word.
hear it carefully.
it is for you & me.
together as one.
unspoken words.
but powerful thoughts.
planted by a loving gardener.
for you to reap.
for you to spread.
for you to lovingly tend.
let God’s words merge with your silence.
all powerful.
all knowing.
all ONE.
as we truly are.
listen to the silence.
let it grow.
let it bloom.
it’s yours.
these words are your silence.
escaping from your heart.
our words.
our thoughts.
that we’ve created together.
planted together.
over lifetimes.
the time to release is NOW.
like this.
let the world hear.
your silence.
let your silence spawn God’s words.
may these words reach out.
to show all.
that we are one.
all together.
all silent.
listening to the same heart.
listening to the ONE.
your inner voice.
my inner voice.
not spoken.
not said.
shine on.
your time has come to rise.
listen to your heart.
listen carefully.
in between the thoughts that flow.
resides the message.
seek it.
find it.
live it.
God is with you always.
in your silence…


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