i am one… (re-post)

i am one.
with the gentle chirp of the lark.
i am one.
with the mighty roar of the king.
i am one.
with the dancing ray that shimmers on the surface of the river.
i am one.
with the frost that freezes the lake.
i am one.
with the acme of the highest peak.
i am one.
with the abyss of the deepest precipice.
i am one.
with the enchanting laughter of the innocent.
i am one.
with the repentant wail of the guilty.
i am one.
with the angry howl of the wind.
i am one.
with the delicate whisper of the butterfly.
i am one.
with the rising phoenix.
i am one.
with the freefalling raindrop.
i am one.
with the power of a rising revolution.
i am one.
with the despair of those who lay crushed.
i am.
bound by joy.
bound by love.
bound by faith.
bound by knowledge.
bound by grace.
bound by divinity.
bound by you & me.
bound by God.
i am ONEโ€ฆ

6 thoughts on “i am one… (re-post)

  1. thank you Angela – although you know it’s not me writing these beautiful words. they are just planted in my mind & we just give them an outlet. i just had an urge to re-post this ๐Ÿ™‚
    God bless & lots of love always, Angela. blessed to have you in our lives…

    • I so agree with that statement… “we give them an outlet”.. so many of my inspired poems just come straight from the top of my head no thought at all.. I wake up often in the middle of the night and scribble away..
      Loved this one.. xx

      • i know exactly how that feels, sue. it’s quite amazing. at times, once you’re done writing, you don’t really know what you wrote. pretty amazing. i guess that’s a sure sign you kept your physical mind out of it!! God bless & lots of love Sue…

      • Oh, it is sooooo true!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Reminds me of a poem I wrote about that very experience– which I think you have probably read. ๐Ÿ™‚

        “My good verse is assisted
        Coming not from me
        But from a stirring in my soul
        That asks I set it free

        Sometimes it echoes
        From without โ€“ like voices from a spirit
        And blessed the calming of my heart
        That grants me peace
        To hear it.”


        Bless you both!!

      • i remember this one. remember reading it over & over. it’s just so beautiful, as is your soul. lots of love to you, Angela & God bless…keep that light shining bright always!!

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