i am love…

this world is full of love.
full of hope.
full of all the wonderful things that make life worth living.
we just have to find it.
our path is that of discovery.
discovery of ourselves.
realization of ourselves.
who we truly are.
souls full of love.
one with each other.
with no differences.
this is our journey.
our true journey.
finding our way back home.
enjoy the ride.
you’ll come across all sorts.
but remember they are just the same as you are.
keep judgement at the door.
only let love come through.
the one thing with the power to change the world.
when love exists there is no room for anything else.
there is no need for anything else.
it’s complete.
it’s true.
it’s all you need.
that’s what we all need to bring to the table.
that’s our currency.
that’s our religion.
that’s our truth.
that’s our goal.
we can all start by loving ourselves.
love yourself first.
after that it takes no effort to love others.
self-love is the hardest.
try it.
look in the mirror & say “I love you”.
& truly mean it.
if you can do this, you can love anyone & everyone.
& life will be beautiful.
the way it’s meant to be.
full of love.
full of joy.
full of smiles.
love yourself & you’ve achieved love for all.

5 thoughts on “i am love…

  1. Love you Anil, Aartie and Ahaan……Have a wonderful day and be in the light. One day soon we will all wake up with love in our hearts and the shift will occur. Until such time we must just keep trying to change ourselves and leave the old ways of being behind us, one person at a time. Happy Valentines day…..VK 🙂

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