if you were to return…(re-post)

this is a re-post on the request of a beautiful soul…

If you were to return,
What would I do?
Would I hold you close to my heart?
Would I kiss your angelic face?
Would I tell you how much I loved you?
But I do these things still,
Every day of my earthly life
So I wonder how different things would really be,
if you were to return to me?

4 thoughts on “if you were to return…(re-post)

  1. I’m currently attending a class of philosophy, and yesterday we were just talking about the root of Pain in our lives, which is all about Attachments (as explained by Buddha). We went further in the discussion especially about attachments to family and loved ones. The teacher tried to explain to us that if we have what he called the “True, Authentic, Timeless” type of attachments, then we cannot be subject to Pain. Yet Attachments to what is fake and temporal is what’s harming us. But you know the idea of being attached to a family member in a timeless and authentic way is hard to perceive with a concrete mind, and when I read ur words here, they simply conveyed the message surpassing the mind, reaching directly to the soul…

    • we strongly believe that, ferial. attachments on this realm cause us a lot of pain. we’ve kind of been put in a position where we’ve been made to believe – to truly believe – that attachment to a family mamber is timeless. we are all group souls helping each other along the way to a time & place where we find ourselves as one. always. thank you for this reply. we truly believe in the “true, authentic, timeless” types of attachments. at some level we need to stop thinking with our physical minds & look inwards. our lives, or what we perceive to be our lives, are beyond the boundaries of this physical realm. but i guess, we have to experience all this to attain that realization. i don’t know if this makes sense to you, or i’ve just rambled on. i can feel what I’m saying better than i can put into words.

      God bless & love always…

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