shine on…

shine on.
shine bright.
illuminate the world.
let your aura engulf all around you.
you have the potential to change the world.
these are not empty words.
these are not idle thoughts.
the spark exists within you.
the spark that can be stoked into a raging inferno.
of love.
of light.
of happiness.
spread it.
the world awaits a new messiah.
the world awaits one who can swim against the tide.
the world awaits the one who can stand tall & say:
i will.
i can.
i am.
hear your heart pounding out the messages.
listen to your inner voice whispering the truth.
they are speaking only to you.
only for you to hear.
give in.
let go.
the time is here.
the time is now.
you are ready.
God is telling you, you are ready.
begin your ascent.
fulfill your destiny.
to shine.
to tower above all else.
to show it can be done.
to show it can be lived.
to show that all you need is faith & trust in your self.
you & only you can rise with all together.
you & only you will listen to your heart.
this is your moment.
grab it.
it’s yours.
open your heart.
let the love flow.
into you & out of you.
into the world & from the world.
let your love be the warmth that gives birth to bliss.
let the warmth of your love blanket the earth.
heal it.
let the warmth of your love drown you & bring you home.
always where you long to be.
with God.
let it happen.
make it happen.
the time is ripe.
the time is now.
reach out.
God is waiting.
He loves you.
your guide.
your navigator.
your inner voice.
shine on…

1 thought on “shine on…

  1. Love it Anil!! It is for once good that things are getting darker and times are becoming tougher, for as you know, it means we are that much closer to the finish line…So ready, so ready….Thanks VK:)

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