the time is near…

the time is near.
let go of everything.
let go of it all.
be in God’s oneness.
be in His love.
be in His grace.
be in your SELF.
that’s all it takes to navigate the minefield of our illusion.
stay clear of everything that affects you, by facing up to it.
that’s the only way to make it go away forever.
overcome all that binds you.
all fears.
all insecurities.
you keep getting opportunities to do this.
you keep giving yourself these opportunities.
grab them.
they are the rungs of the ladder to your ascension.
they are the stepping stones that will lead you to your very SELF.
the time is near.
be aware.
be very aware.
each action.
each step.
is one closer to where you need to be.
all that there is.
all that’s to come.
is meant to be.
the time is near.

2 thoughts on “the time is near…

  1. I’m still waiting…I keep looking behind me thinking I must have missed the train. I wonder how long all of this will take??? VK 🙂

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