walk on…

we walk on.
all as one.
an example of how to live life.
with all the blessings & love showered upon us.
we keep doing what we must.
all is good.
waiting for the time we’ll be in full awareness of our eternal togetherness.
biding time.
seeing all glow.
seeing all love.
seeing all blossom.
our eventual journey is together.
hand in hand.
with all mankind.
until then, we walk on…

3 thoughts on “walk on…

  1. We are at the precipice now Anil. The walk has been long but we are near to the final moments of 3D existence. It is thrilling and emotional all at the same time. Our true work lies ahead of us. Time to prepare to go forth….Blessings…Stay happy in the lightbeams 🙂 VK

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