always in your thoughts.
always in your heart.
no differences.
no nothing.
just pure being.
together as one.
for all time to come.
start feeling it more & more.
start taking that to be the only truth.
you are together.
that’s an inescapable fact.
all else pales.
your physicality.
your mind.
your emotions.
just knowing & experiencing the oneness is all that you need.
focus upon it.
trust that this experience will engulf you.
trust that you will see with your heart.
then the true love that exists will become apparent to you.
it will be clear as day.
& bright as the sun.
filling you with all the warmth & love you deserve.
fulfill your calling.
this is it.
trust in Him.
trust in your SELF.
then all is done.
the time to return home is near.
to His home.
your home.
in His loving embrace.
free of fear.
free of burden.
free of everything.
just full of love.
that’s all.
the love that defines you.
the love that defines me.
the love that defines the universe as it should be.
as it is.
be this love.
be this light.
in your heart He rests.
in peace.
He is your master.
He is your guide.
He is your own higher Self.

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