listen to your heart…

feel it.
listen hard.
your heart speaks.
in a language that only you will understand.
it’s telling you about your existence.
it’s reminding you to fill your life with love & laughter.
it’s whispering God’s words.
listen carefully.
it’s unraveling secrets.
of your divinity.
if you don’t listen to your heart whom will you listen to?
your heart.
always in tune with the universe.
beating to God’s tune.
to your own higher self.
listen attentively.
it’s talking out loud.
it’s saying we are one.
we are one.
your heart is the universe.
it’s the source.
it’s everything there is.
listen again.
it will never lead you astray.
your heart & God beat as one.
in perfect rhythm.
in perfect harmony.
now & forever.
you just have to feel it.
experience it.
& know it.
we are all just one.
listen to your heart…

1 thought on “listen to your heart…

  1. Happy day Anil….Seems the best way we can listen to our hearts is by loving and believing in ourselves. Many do not. It seems so hard for people to do this because of all the decades of being told in many subtle ways that we were not good eneough. Time to reprogram our thoughts!!! Blessings…VK

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