Sunshine Award…

It’s seems strange getting these nominations, as we don’t really do much for them. We write what comes straight from the heart – with not a thought as to who’s going to read it. We are blessed to have all of you in our lives, as I say repeatedly.

It would be unfair on our part to not thank the one who inspires us to write &, who we feel, is pretty much doing the all the writing as well – Ahaan, our darling boy. Still looking after his “old-fogey” pop & his lovely mom. Thank you Ahaan for being such an integral part of our soul journeys. We couldn’t make it without you & Armaan. We love you always…

Now for the formalities:

First step:

Thank the person who nominated you:

Ok. Here’s another awkward, humbling moment. Thank you Sirenia & Steph for nominating our blog for the Sunshine Award. We LOVE your blogs.

 Second Step:

Yes, you get to share some tidbits about yourself.  (Not too personal I hope)

Favourite Colour:

Favourite Animal:

Favourite Number:
3 – i have no idea why!!!!

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink:
Cappucino sprinkled with some cinnamon.

Facebook or Twitter:

My Passion:

Favourite pattern:
The wings on a butterfly

Favourite day of the week:
I think it’s either Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday…

Favourite Flower:
Any flower in bloom…

I will pass the Sunshine Award on to the following 7 blogs:

Sirenia whose poems I absolutely adore.

Stephanie whose blog I love – and who almost makes me feel like learning a whole bunch of new languages.

Afkear whose work doesn’t cease to inspire

Angela Marie who is someone we are privileged to know.

Sue Dreamwalker who is just such a beautiful soul

Chris who is brilliantly wise

Eric who’s always there with a comment that touches you.

Last but certainly not least, there is a special someone who’s not into awards. So, ONLY out of respect for his wishes, I have left his name out. VK – you are simply aces. We love you!!!

We could go on about the wonderful blogs that we read. Unfortunately, one has to wind up a list. That’s not to say that we treasure all the other blogs we follow any less. Each of you has made our lives richer in the most wondrous ways. Thank you all so very much. God bless & lots of love to all.


breathe in the freedom you crave.
breathe in the liberation you desire.
breathe in the surrender you feel.
breathe in the joy that tickles you pink.
breathe in the oneness you strive for.
breathe in the knowledge of your divinity.
breathe in the faith that sustains you.
breathe in the conviction that you are the soul.


no place to be…

there’s no place to be.
but here.
nowhere else exists.
everything is right here.
where we keep too much locked up.
time to find the keys.
to unlock love in aching hearts.
to unlock soaring spirits in drowning hearts.
to unlock hope in despairing hearts
let’s not take the illusion too seriously.
so as to let it scar our souls.
let all be as it is.
it’s meant to be thus.
& no other way.
it’s our creation.
it’s perfect.
our lives are perfect.
we are perfect.
just the way we chose to be.
step forward.
and let our destiny find us.

the wonder of you & me…

they say you’ve gone,
why don’t i believe them?
they say you’ll never return.
why don’t i hear them?
is it ‘coz you tell me so each day?
is it ‘coz i know in my heart you forever stay?

they say i should be struck with grief.
why don’t i cry then?
they say it’s the greatest loss one can face.
why don’t i feel incomplete then?
is it ‘coz you tell me so each day?
is it ‘coz i know in my heart you forever stay?

it’s tough for them to fathom the depth of our love.
it’s tough for them to fathom the strength of our bond.
it’s just a narrow chasm that lies between life & death.
a distance too small to divide what we have.

only you & i truly know what we share.
the light of many lifetimes.
blinding us.
so that we can clearly see,
the wonder of being you & me.

you & i… (repost)

two hearts beating as one.
forever merged.
in each other’s consciousness.
one again.
at last.
you & i.
every pore the same.
every thought alike.
every breath taken in unison.
one again.
at last.
you & i.
laughing uncontrollably.
in complete ecstasy.
free of duality.
one again.
at last.
you & i…

this very moment…

all that’s done & dusted has no room in your life.
get rid of it.
it’s over.
don’t carry it as baggage.
look ahead if you want.
but live only in the now.
make the most of this very moment.
before it escapes you.
this very moment is all you ever have.
it’s fleeting, so it’s up to you to do what you must.
don’t put off things that need to get done.
you may not be around tomorrow to do them.
tell the people you love, “i love you” now.
they may not be around tomorrow.
understand the value of each precious moment that you let slip away.
this is your greatest folly.
this is your greatest waste.
you have a treasure on our hands.
why wait to enjoy it?
“i’ll do it tomorrow”.
“i’ll save for a rainy day”.
“i’ll wait for a better time”.
the only day is today.
the only time is now.
there’s lots you need to do.
do it now.
opportunities abound every moment.
take them before they slip away.
please do what you must NOW.
this very moment…

self love…

we’re inching our way back Home.
to our eternal oneness.
this is the way to be.
love is breaking through from our within.
seeping outward.
making its way to the outside.
it’s only this love that is real.
unfortunately there are many who don’t feel real love.
especially for themselves.
they’re always hoping they were someone else.
that they had this or they had that.
little realizing that what they have is all they need.
that what they have is what they’ve chosen.
for a reason.
wanting to be another, is wasting this lifetime.
what a shame.
once people realize this & start loving themselves,
this world is going to transform into the most wondrous place.
where love abounds.
like it does at Home.
where people see oneness, eternal oneness amongst themselves.
oh, what a beautiful world.
our world is slowly gravitating towards this utopia.
only love can hasten this process.
especially, self love.
when all see themselves as the perfect image of God that they truly are.
each of us.
combining to make the ONE complete soul.
remember, God is no further away from you than your within.
open that & you’ll be staring at Him.
in all His glory.
in all Your glory.
as one.
love yourself as you love Him.

ahaan – the star of the show…


the beautiful me…
– by ahaan raheja

i am so unique
i believe in myself and everyone else
i am kind and loving to others
and help all my friends like my brothers
truthfulness is my strength
faith in God is my foundation


i don’t know what else to say…ahaan has captured everything in these lines. where does he get it from? such depth of thinking, such beauty in expression.

why can’t we all see ourselves for what we are? ‘unique’.

we’re caught in the endless race to be someone we’re really not. our lives, to a large extent, are dictated by what others will think of us. why?

if we can spend a little time each day connecting with our self, we’ll find a hundred wonderful things about ourselves – things that we’re not even aware of, perhaps. we’ve all been given gifts – i know it sounds cliched but the fact remains that we’re all God’s children – do you give one of your children more or less than the other? can you truly tell one of children you love him or her more or less than the other. you can’t!! it’s the same for God.

Ahaan has captured it so beautifully:
i believe in myself & others – no distinctions.
faith in God is my foundation – realize this & you’re eternally happy – in the arms of your loving parent…

inner voice…

close your eyes.
can you see me?
in your heartbeat.
can you feel me?
shut out all sound.
can you hear me?
i am your inner voice.
your unerring guide.
the expression of your soul.
standing by you.
i am your inner voice.
tied down.
i am your inner voice.
unchain me.
unshackle me.
let me breathe free.
let me guide.
i speak to you.
i speak the truth.
celebrate my presence.
i am your inner voice.
i am God.

inevitable union…

the journey continues.
marching towards the goal.
the inevitable union of our souls.
of our spirit.
the magic of oneness.
the truth of eternal consciousness.
we are in a position to make a difference.
for all of mankind.
we together.
as one.
can achieve anything & everything.
our energies are reaching out.
truly united are we going to be.
once & for all.
one energy.
one light.
shining bright.
for all to see & emulate.
a rise in global consciousness.
a departure from the old.
all is good.
like you’ve never lived before.
like you’ve never laughed before.
like you love God.